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For professional change makers and organizations who want to be ready for the future, are eager for action and need real sustainable impact.

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Many professionals and organizations feel that taking on sustainability/ ESG is something big. Does this apply to you?

The key to accelerating sustainability is a strong vision, collaboration and a dose of flexibility.

Innivity’s customized and highly energized approach brings people together and enables you to take focused action with real impact. We can also act as your knowledge partner, thought leader or moderator of your seminars/ events.

Are you ready to indulge yourself into an adventurous, practical and exciting journey?

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Innivity services include: strategic advisor, moderator, and facilitator. We can also act as your knowledge partner, thought leader or speaker at your seminars/ events. Are you interested or would like to receive more information first? Feel free to contact us to learn what Innivity can do for you.

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Motivational speech

A better Self, a Better World. What will you leave behind?

In this speech, Nynke Visser talks about the parallels between changing large systems and individual systems. With inspiring examples from her own experience, she offers perspective to tackle challenges that can feel overwhelming.

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Meet the founder

For years, I have worked in the financial sector in different roles. Here I found out that finance has a big role to play in combatting the immense social, ecological and economic issues we are facing. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to solve all of this. Finance can accelerate these problems or act as one of the solutions.

Do you already know what role your organization has to play in the grand scheme of things? What opportunities or challenges lie ahead of you? Is there anything that is holding you back?

Most organizations want to be futureproof and turn their negative impact into a positive contribution to this world but many don't know how to do this.

This is exactly where I specialized myself in over the last 10 years.

My customized and highly energized approach brings people together and enables them to take focused action with real impact.

I believe that doing good is absolutely crucial for survival of our businesses, society and planet. Doing this together is more fun, creates more impact and is more rewarding in the end.

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To become a futureproof organization requires vision, persistence and great dose of positive collaboration

~ Nynke Visser

Our recent projects

Recent projects have been with large corporates, public organizations, small & medium sized companies,

trade associations, sector-wide collaboration initiatives and NGOs such as:

ING Bank, Dutch Province of South-Holland and its municipalities, Visma Connect, Zero Emissions Ship

Technology Association, Statistics Netherlands (CBS), Amsterdam Transition Institute,

Rebel, De Groene Afslag, Empact, Seas at Risk (EU NGO), Pacific Environment (US NGO), Platform Zero,

University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University, Darel Education, Green Circles, Optimist media,

Zero Emission Services (founded by ING, Port of Rotterdam, ENGIE and Wartsila), and many more.



Nynke is a very inspiring public speaker and event moderator. Her drive and enthusiasm, combined with genuine interest and vast knowledge on the topic of Sustainability and ESG reporting contributed clearly to the success of our Visma sustainability events.

- Marco Veen, Visma Connect

Nynke Visser's contribution to the ShipZERO26 workshop, before during and after was invaluable! The vision and energy she shares towards #cocreation are foundational to the change required to achieve true sustainability!

~ Madadh MacLaine,

Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association

High impact and innovative thinker. Nynke's work in the Environmental and Social Risk team at ING Bank was outstanding, balancing interests of all stakeholders involved in the transactions under her responsibility.

~ Mercedes Sotoca,

Head Environmental Social Risk ING Bank

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